A word on Lebanese cooking


A photo of Lebanese Garlic Sauce

This is what you came here for

Perhaps you came to this site because you were curious about Toumeh the Lebanese Garlic Sauce which is a classic in its own right and very popular. For many people Toumeh might be their first taste of Lebanese cuisine and my intention is to introduce you to other classic dishes that are tasty.


All these dishes have a history stretching back to the Phoenicians …


As well as being great for everyday meals and entertaining Lebanese cuisine is generally ‘health conscious’.  The great variety can cater for the determined meat eater as well as the vegetarian and even vegan. In fact there are a number of vegetarian or vegan dishes that many meat eaters actually love! To let you in on a secret, many of them are dead easy to make.


Do you want to sample some of my suggestions? Read on …


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